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A first overview of the overall program of fieldbus technology provides you with this home page.

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here find you more infos about TURCK interface technology:
* Switching amplifier / isolating switching amplifier
* Rotation speed monitors and motion controls
* Analogue data transmitters / Transducers
* Logic controllers
* Valve control modules
* Couplers and interface devices
* Power supplies
* Level controls
* Housing style multicart- Devices in 19inches eurocard format
here find you more infos about TURCK sensors:
* Inductive sensors
* Magnetic field sensors
* Capacitive sensors
* levelprox® ultrasonic level sensors
* Flow sensors
* Pressure sensors
* Temperature sensors
* Photoelectric sensors
* Measuring and inspection technology
* Machine safety products
* Ultrasonic sensors
* Connector systems
* Linear displacement sensors
* BLident® RFID system

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