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FINDER safety relays for printed circuit boards and safety modules and their accessories offered by Kühn Controls AG -overview -

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N° of Contacts* Features Sockets
Safety relay (EN 50205) Series 50
Series 50
8A 2 CO

Safety relay (EN 50205) with forcibly guided contacts

- 2 Pole changeover contacts

- 8 mm, 6 kV (1,2/50µs) isolation, coil-contacts

- PCB Relay with forcibly guided contacts according to EN 50205 type B

- High physical separation between adjacent contacts

- Flux proof: RT II

for PCB mount
Safety modules Series 7S
Series 7S



1 NO + 1 NC
2 NO + 2 NC
3 NO + 1 NC
4 NO + 2 NC

Safety module (EN 50205) with forcibly guided contacts

- AC or DC coils

- 4 contact configurations

- LED coil status indication

- Materials according to fire protection standard EN 45545-2: 2013 for rail vehicles

- Forced contacts acc. to EN 50205: 2002 Type A

- For applications up to a safety integrity level SIL 2, according to IEC 61508

35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount

*) CO = changeover, NO = normally open, NC = normally closed, SSR = solid state relay.

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