How can I tell a RelayGo relay ?

If you do not have to do every day with our relays, it is not easy to classify them and to find the relay information.
In principle, this is not difficult.
First, we consider the relay from the front side.
The front side is a colored, opaque plastic cover (gray). At the back side find you the contact pins.
At the front side is the coil voltage stamped (in our example DC 24V).
Among them is the brand. Gray relays are branded RelayGo.
Please note the country of origin "made ​​in spain". If this information missing, the relay is a fake.
Adjacent is the family relay. This information is for you as a customer is generally not important.
Laterally is the large white label with exact type designation (example RM3010LE0).
The type name is always the big (bold) print on the label and describes any relay clear.
Furthermore, there is the label under the model designation information about connections with information about contact load according to IEC / EN 60947-4 / -5.
This information is provided for general description and are dependent on the Relay.
This information is very important if you have the intention of switching to make changes or new project.
The same is also known for the approvals. Further technical details can be found in our RelayGo data sheets.

How can I recognize a RelayGo relay? Codification of the RelayGo label

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