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Relay applications are countless and diverse in every aspect of our daily lives and we use them consistently, directly or indirectly in any human activity.
Therefore, we will highlight certain non-exclusive applications.
Specific applications are arranged in general application groups.

Application Relays type
Single phase AC motor (≤ 1 CV) RM2010, RM3010, RQ2010
Three phase AC motor (≤ 2 CV) RP3010
DC motor RM2014, RM3014, RM1015, RM1016, RM2015,RP3014, RP1015, RP1016, RP2016
Industrial Panels RM2010, RM3010, RM4010, RQ2010, RQ4110,RF1010, RF2110
Production Process RM3010, RP3010
Welding Process RQ1010, RQ1018, RQ2014
Electro-valves RQ2010, RF1010, RS…
Low current and voltage switching RM2117, RQ2117, RQ2021, RQ2112,RQ4110, RF1217
PLC Drivers RQ4110, RF1010, RF1217, RF2110
Small DC motors RM2014, RM3014, RF1014, RS16, RS17
Inductive, capacitive or photocells sensors RF1217, RF2110
AC resistive load RM2010, RM3010, RP3010, RQ2010, RQ1018
Cryogenic equipment control RM3010, RP3010, RQ2010
Compressor switching RP3010
Elevators / Lifts RM2010, RM3010, RP3010, RQ2010
Escalator RP3010
Mechanical walkways RP3010
Automatic doors RM2010, RQ2010
Alarm system RQ2112, RQ2119, RF1010, RF2110, RM2019
Fluorescent lighting RQ1018, RS18
Filament lamps RQ1018, RS19
LED lights RQ2010, RF1010, RS16, RS18, RS19
Two contacts RR2010, RR2117
Three contacts RR3010
Four contacts RR4010
Wind power generators RM4010, RQ2117, RQ4110
Thermal stations RM3010, RP3010
Nuclear plants Ask for it
Access control RM2117, RQ2117, RQ2021, RQ2112,RQ4110, RF1217
Alarms RQ2112, RQ2119, RF1010, RF2110, RM2019
Climate control RM3010, RP3010, RQ2010
Smart lighting RQ2010, RF1010, RS16, RS17, RS18, RS19


change-over contacts 10 - GENERAL PUROPOSE RELAYS

Used in applications like as automation, pneumatic, heating appliances, signaling, as an input or output interface.
Change-over contacts.
NO/NC Isolation: 1000Vrms.
Distance between contacts (gap): 0,5 mm.
Max Nominal Load:
16A @ 230V AC1
16 A @ 30V DC1
0,5A @ 110V DC1
0,2A @ 220V DC1

double make 15 - DOUBLE MAKE RELAYS

These relays are designed to support high VDC loads, Voltages between 110 and 220VDC.
3.3 mm open contact gap.
Isolation between contacts: 2000 Vrms.
Maximum DC load is shown in specification tables.
Available in RM, RQ and RP series.

sensitive relays 11 - SENSITIVE RELAYS, 250 mW

Sensitive coil. One Change-Over contact.

sensitive relays 12 - SENSITIVE RELAYS, 500 mW

Sensitive coil. Two Change-Over contacts.

sensitive relays 13 - SENSITIVE RELAYS, 800 mW

Sensitive coil. Three Change-Over contacts, DC coil, Specifically designed to support 250mW, 500mW and 800mW.
Available in RM and RQ series.
Gold contacts 0,2µ or 10µ Au.
Operation range:
Relays 250 mW: 0,8 … 2,5 Un
Relays 500 mW: 0,8 … 1,7 Un
Relays 800 mW: 0,8 … 1,4 Un

power contact and twin signal contact 21 - POWER CONTACT AND TWIN CONTACT SIGNAL RELAY

In one single relay we combine the power of a standard unit (10) and the twin contact reliability (17).
Specifically designed for feedback applications requirements.

solid state relay RS - SOLID STATE RELAY

Switching electronic relay, speed and long life (non mechanical parts).
Different models for different applications, AC current (VAC) and DC current (VDC).

twin contacts 17 - TWIN CONTACT RELAYS

Low currents switching applications.
High operational reliability Change-over contacts.
Contact Isolation NO/NC: 1000 Vrms.
Distance between contacts (gap): 0,5 mm.
Gold contacts flash 0,2µ Au or 10µ Au (optional).
Max load: 6 A @ 230V AC1
Min load: 1 mA @ 5V DC long life.

Remanence relays 19 - REMANENCE RELAYS

High remanence magnetic circuit, allows the relay to latch when the current applied flows through the coil in a direction and unlatches if the current flows in the opposite direction.
Electronic circuitry is added inside the relay, with diodes and precise resistances to control and protect against transitory pulses.
One winding VAC coil and two winding VDC coil.
All coils withstand permanent connection for operation on release the coils needs 50ms minimum pulse and nominal voltage relay operation.

overcharge relays 18 - OVERCHARGE RELAYS

Two open contacts, one silver and the other tungsten acting in parallel, separated each other, tungsten contact connect and disconnect, while silver keeps switched.
This relay is used to switch fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
As well as VDC inductive loads.
Only available in RQ2.
Max Load:
6A @ 230V AC5a/b (Lamps)
10A @ 230V AC15
1,5A @ 110V DC1

Railway relays RR - RAILWAYS RELAY

Designed to satisfy the most demanding Railway needs, extensive voltage range, vibration and crash requirements.

open contacts 14 - OPEN CONTACTS RELAYS

Separating contacts, increases the distance between contacts (gap) and improves VDC cut.
Gap: 1,5 mm (RQ Series); 1,7 mm (RM and RP Series).
Contact Isolation NO: 2000 Vrms.
Max load:
16A @ 230V AC1
1,2A @ 110V DC1
0,4A @ 220V DC1

magnetic blow out relays 16 - MAGNETIC BLOW OUT RELAY

These versions are similar to 15 types, however they have the addition of a powerful magnet which “blows out” the arc generated when the contacts are opened, therefore quenching the arcing quickly and increasing the contact life.
Avoiding priming and contact welding.
Max Load:
10A @ 220V DC1
2A @ 220V DC13


Model specifications for each model refers to typical values of “new” Relays at 20 ºC complying with EN 60947.


Electrical life tables and maximum VDC current show the typical result of exhaustive tests performed at ambient temperature (20ºC) and 1200 operations / hour frequency and under permanent connection.
Measured values can slightly differ from working conditions.


A maximum over-voltage of 110% Un is permissible at the coil, with rated current through the contacts at an ambient temperature of 60° C.


RelayGo offers collaboration to effectively and efficiently support specific requirements and applications, as well as develop new specifications and non-standard models.

Some relays models have multiple applications, please contact Kühn Controls AG to find the most suitable relay for your application, considering housing characteristics and space.

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